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Our Haflinger Mares

We have had many quality mares over the years and have kept these as our brood mares because they best exemplify all the best qualities in the Haflinger breed — good temperament, good confirmation and willingness to please.

Fantasia RWF
Nobelius X Francisca TF

This is one of our better bred mares trained to ride and has worked all summer on a farm mowing hay, raking and other farm duties. She has a beautiful filly for us this year Felicia of Chestnut Ridge (see her on YouTube).

Olivia DJR
Archie MBM X Orange Blossom Special DJR

Olivia is one of the few O line mares in the country, granddaughter of Adanac we have owned her for 7 years and she is one of the finest mares we have, the first modern style mare we acquired. She has always been a favorite of the grandchildren to ride, for her sweet disposition and willingness to please.

Lexis Gold Miner PHHF
Austin TOF X Lori Gold MMH

Lexi is a great cross of two of the most influential stallions in the United States Aristocrat TOF and Alpen KonigĀ  and goes back to the great foundationĀ  brood mare La – Gold. She had a great show career in Penn. including Grand Champion Pleasure mare of the 2001 P.S. H. O. She produced a very nice colt for us this year, My T Lucky of Chestnut Ridge (Mighty Lynn X Lexis Gold Miner) standing 40″ at birth. His Dam is 60″.

Sophie ME
N-Hitchock Van De Hoogenwag X Sierra an Afghan II daughter

Hitchock is a Dutch import and producer of many quality offspring. We have had many quality foals from Sophie, she is an excellent driving horse and trained to ride at 10 yrs old .