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Hi Mike, its me Lesli. I got Purpura, aka Princess Pura, lol. I just wanted 2 touch base and let u know how much I love this horse :) I showed her last month won and then got Champion, that was a blast.  I’m grateful that u gave me the chance 2 get her she has changed my life I even sold my scooter/cycle so I can go & buy her a cart (if I can find 1 that’s not a crazy price). Thanks again. PS. she will never want for anything.


Re: In search of safe confidence builder trail horse

I know just the person you need to contact. His name is Mike Williams and he sold us both of our Haflinger mares that are amazingly calm and as close to bombproof as you can get. The second mare we bought from him just turned 4 years old and the 8 and 10 year old kids in the neighborhood ride and handle her like she’s a seasoned 20 year old. He knows the horses he sells and can match you with the right one for what you will be using her for. His ph# is 740-599-9867. He is located in Ohio and always has mares for sale and if he doesn’t have the one you needs he always manages to find it. Give him a call — you won’t be disappointed!!


I have lived with horses for 32 years. I’ve had some nice horses, but I never found “the one.” At 52, I thought I would never find the horse of my dreams. Until I met Mike.

I’ve had some bad experiences buying horses in the past, so I was especially reluctant to buy a horse from someone I’d found online. But my worries were unfounded. Mike is as honest as they come, and knows the breed well.

When I first spoke to Mike I explained exactly what I was looking for in a horse. And not only did Mike find me a terrific little mare, he stood by me until I gained my confidence which was lacking after having a few terrible experiences with my last horse.

If you are thinking of buying a Haflinger I can’t recommend Mike enough. He helped me before, during, and after I bought Emma, and he just seems to have the knack for matching the person to the horse.

If you buy a horse off of Mike you can’t go wrong.

Thanks Mike!

Willis JPH  Stallion to England
It was good to deal with you, it is a risk buying a horse I have never seen but thanks to you it it all worked out fine . We are so pleased with him , he is such a lovely horse, so gentle and willing.

Thanks again , Christine  (

The girls are  great , they are just the sweetest most sensible horses.”

Andrea , New York

Haflingers are like potato chips you can’t have just one .  Thanks Mike for selling me my second Haflinger .