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Haflingers for Sale











Haflingers  — The Native Horse of Austria

Whether you are looking for a safe family horse, a hunter jumper or a dressage horse, this wonderful breed can do it all. A native bred horse in the mountains of Austria where one horse had to fill all the families needs, their versatility was invaluable. The Haflingers as a breed are stout enough for adults but gentle enough for a child to handle. They are easy keepers,  healthy, hardy and wonderfully long lived .

If you do not see the Haflinger  you are looking for on our website please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect match for you .   We strive to place the right Haflinger in the right home .


We currently have a well trained mare team for sale they are 12 and 13years old and have worked together for 9 years.  Please contact Mike by phone or email if you are looking for a team for pleasure or farm work , once the weather breaks we will be posting videos of the mares on our YouTube channel.

UPDATE *******   The mare team is sold , they are on their way to their new home in Texas .      Thank You , Debbie !    ******** UPDATE 

We have videos on our YouTube channel of a very nice gelding team that Mike is listing for an Amish neighbor .  The geldings are Windjammer CLA and Wyatt CLA they are registered 3 and 5 year old half brothers .  Here is a link to see them driven,  if you want a well trained gelding team take a look  .


We will be posting  information and pictures of a 15 h mare we will have available in the near future .  If you are looking for a large mare that is well trained to drive check back or contact Mike soon , the weather is changing and  we are getting inquiries daily .